Mr. Logical Argument (cheetahzen) wrote in bruce_dickinson,
Mr. Logical Argument

Any Which Way But The Osbournes

Both are fat sweaty slobs.
Both are dependent solely upon their reputations.

Ozzy can't beat Bruce, Tank actually can't beat Philo.

Both perform infront of a chanting crowd who believe
in their "hero" way too much for no reason.

Both are "legends" in that its taboo to offend
"The guy whose past his prime" with new guys coming
in from all over trying to prove their better than
them...and most are.

Both took one too many "Blow" to the head.
Both are as mobile as an oceanliner in a sand drift.
Both have backers who keep trying to make money off
their asses, most likely even long after they die.

Both have visible signs of rabid alcoholism.
Both have over-exaggerated talent.
Both don't know what the hell it means to retire.
Both were on TV and Cable.

Tank Murdoch...
* had the good sense not to appear at a WWE Wrestlemania
dressed in a PINK suit.
* Nobody ever seen Tank during a drag "Diary of a mad
housewife" stage.
* Tank never wore eyeliner.
* Tank's bitch isn't up everyone's ass.
EDGE-Tank (even though he's a fictional character played
by Walter Barnes)
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